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Urge for a position in an aggressively growing organization where my technical & functional expertise can be effectively utilized and possess good analytical abilities, quick grasping power, zeal for learning new things and excellent communication skills.
To seek a good & responsible job in professionally managed organization where in my conceptual and functional skills are effectively utilized in a way that contributes to the organization growth coupled with personal growth within the organization.
To make a good position in a reputed company and work enthusiastically in team which provides steady career growth along with job satisfaction, challenges and give value contribution in the success and to build a challenging career with honesty and loyalty by translating my experience knowledge ,skills and abilities into value for an organization.
To contribute my best to the organization irrespective of the kind of project undertaken and to utilize my skills and to perform the job to the best of my ability with the zeal and willing to learn.

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How to Create an Impressive Resume with a Sarkari Result Free Resume Maker

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In India, 64 percent of companies plan to increase their hiring. If you're looking for a new job, now is the perfect time.

But before you start applying, you need a resume.

If your resume needs an update, an online resume maker can help. The right resume maker can help you organise and format your information. It can give you a professional advantage.

If your resume needs an update, an online resume maker can help. The right resume maker can help you organise and format your information. It can give you a professional advantage.

Learn more about creating a more impressive resume using the Sarkari Result resume maker.

Bio Data Maker / Generator is a free and very amazing tool which has been created by Sarkari Result Tools. With the help of these tools, you can create a great resume / resume for any job. After filling the data in the resume, you also get 6 types of designs and many color.

Resume, CV, or Bio Data?

A resume, curriculum vitae (CV), and biodata help you get a job. Understanding how a resume differs from a CV or biodata will help you create a better resume.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A CV is a detailed summary of your career. It can be longer than two pages and includes your skills and certifications.


Biodata is a detailed summary of your life and career. It is usually longer than two pages and is quite comprehensive. For example, it includes your gender, religion, and hobbies.


A resume is an overview of your career. It usually shouldn't be longer than two pages. It includes only your relevant skills and current certifications.

Respond to What the Employer Is Looking For

Your resume should match what the employer is seeking. Look at the job description in the listing or ad. Focus on features like:

  • The company's culture
  • Important keywords relevant to the position
  • Expectations for someone in the role

You can increase the likelihood of making it through the first round by using terms that apply to the position. Using keywords and industry jargon appropriately gives your resume a boost.

Be Concise

Your resume should typically fit onto one page. The only reasons for it to be longer are:

  • If you have had an extensive career, or
  • You have a significant amount of relevant work experience

Hiring managers spend very little time on each applicant's resume. If you bury the most critical information in old or irrelevant details, the employer may not even see it.

Most employers only want to see the positions you held in the last 10 to 15 years. This time period may be shorter for freshers.

Leave out irrelevant jobs or extraneous accomplishments. The hiring manager may think you don't understand what they're looking for. Avoiding redundancy and fluff will help your resume be more concise.

However, listing the languages you know and your proficiency is a good idea. English, Hindi, and your regional language are typical expectations.

Go Farther than Your Job Duties

Employers don't need to see the list of tasks required in your last job. They want to know what you accomplished in your previous position. Use your resume to describe how you excelled in your job.

Specific examples of what you accomplished in your previous position help hiring managers see how you can make an impact in a new role.

Specific merits are more beneficial than just a summary of your experience. For example, stating that you improved sales by 15% is more attractive to an employer than saying that you have 10 years of sales experience.

Quantify Your Accomplishments

When writing about your previous work experience, quantify your successes. Using numbers gives the hiring manager a better idea of your impact at your last job. The employer can see your skills and abilities more clearly.

For example, instead of saying you're a good typist, you can list your typing speed. Examples of other metrics you might use include:

  • How many products you sold monthly
  • Size of the budget you managed
  • How many people you trained or managed
  • Average conversion rate for sales calls
  • Amount of money you helped the company save

Quantifying your achievements helps your resume stand out.

Consider a Summary or Objective Statement

A summary or objective section on your resume can help hiring managers focus on what sets you apart. It occupies a valuable spot near the top of the page. Potential employers can learn about you more quickly.

A summary section highlights some details of your achievements. It includes two or three sentences that summarise your relevant experience and skills. It explains your unique value and your qualifications.

An objective is only a sentence or two. It explains your career goals and what you would bring to the company.

Sarkari Result offers many examples of objective statements. You can choose one of these options or write your own.

Proofread and Edit Carefully

Proofreading and editing your resume are vital. Typos or errors in spelling and grammar make you look unprofessional.

Proofreading programmes and tools are available online. You can also ask a trusted friend or colleague to read through your resume.

Having someone else read your resume is a good idea in any case. They may suggest ways to make your resume more practical for a potential employer.

Use Streamlined and Professional Formatting

The format of your resume is fundamental. Using Sarkari Result will help with this. Your resume needs to be easy to read, straightforward, and professional.

Be sure you're using a font that is easy to read, like Arial or Times New Roman. The font size should be large enough to easily see without being exaggerated. Size 12 is a good choice.

Avoid using complicated visual elements or colours that are too distracting. They can take away from the content of your resume

How to Make a Resume with Sarkari Result

Sarkari Result resume templates start with your name and contact information. Then you can choose one of the suggested objective statements or create your own.

The next section lets you describe your academic qualifications. This information will appear on your resume in a table, which makes it easier to read. Your professional qualifications will appear in a table as well for the same reason.

You then have the opportunity to list any additional qualifications and your work experience. Finally, you can give your personal information.

Styles and Options

You can choose from six different resume styles with Sarkari Result. Each template uses a unique accent colour:

  • 1: Green
  • 2: Grey
  • 3: Blue
  • 4: Pink
  • 5: Red
  • 6: Yellow

Styles 1, 3, and 4 feature your name and contact information in a header across the top of the page. The others use a sidebar. For the templates with a sidebar, you can choose whether you want your personal information in the sidebar (style 5) or in the main body of the resume (styles 2 and 6).

Each of these templates helps you create a professional resume that highlights your accomplishments. It will help you stand out from other job applicants.

Using Sarkari Result Resume Maker

A high-quality resume is critical for getting your next job. Keeping your resume concise, relevant, and well-constructed is essential.

Sarkari Result is the resume maker you need to help you create your best resume. sarkariresult com cvmkr com cvmaker com marriage bio data maker. Our resume and CV maker enables you to organise your experience into a professional format. Our free tools include an image resizer and an image-to-PDF converter.

Try our resume maker today and take the first step toward your next job.


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